MY FIRST ALBUM with THE REBIRTH, Being thru the Eyes of a Child, is a thousand steps closer to being released! Click the image below and LISTEN to snippets and learn more about it!

I’ve never released an album before, so I’m learning so much in the process. But, one thing that I’ve learned is that the promoters and PR people are CRUCIAL to being successful. But they are also EXPENSIVE! And on top of that, the other costs add up in creating tools to promote the band and the music! For us, there is a GAP between what we have and what we need. Because of this, have started a campaign on Indiegogo to offer PRE-ORDERS of the CD and other SPECIAL PERKS to encourage people to help the project be a success. Anyone who contributes at least $1 to the campaign gets a digital copy of our song Wasteland from the album that features the voice of yours truly (me) and my bandmate Loslito.


After you click the link and make a contribution, share the link via text, email, facebook, twitter, etc with the rest of the family and all your friends? You can put your own personal message with it to encourage people to support the way you do.

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT IN THE PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE!!!!!!!!! At one point I thought I could do it all myself, but the truth is I can’t do ANYTHING without you!



APRIL 8th! Baskerville Jones FIRST Solo Show of 2014 in Los Angeles

Last week, I was in NY performing and the NY shows were a success! This week I’m back in Los Angeles and will be performing my FIRST show of the year in town — TOMORROW APRIL 8th at Witzend at 9:30 pm. I will be performing my entire upcoming solo EP Record from start to finish – me, guitar, percussion, and a few other voices unplugged style.

I know you’re coming! So, when you arrive please tell them you are there to see Baskerville Jones. Below is the show lineup, venue details, and event flyer. I go on at 9:30PM PROMPT, then my student cohorts from LA Music Academy go on immediately after. Tickets are $10. See you tomorrow!

Entertainment Lineup:
07:00 PM – Doors Open, 07:50 PM – Eloah Shaddai Scaggs, 08:20 PM – Focus Focus, 08:40 PM – The Songery, 09:00 PM – Sunny War, 09:30 PM – Baskerville Jones, 10:00 PM – Rannie, 10:30 PM – Theresa Young

Venue Details:
TEL 310 305 4792

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The Rebirth Live

If you haven’t heard the new single ‘Fat Santa,’ yet, you’re missing out on a real holiday treat! It’s streaming on Pandora NOW! If you’re in the UK, you may have a chance to hear the song LIVE this Friday Dec. 6th! Lead singer Baskerville Jones is in the UK this month, and is stopping by the Fringe in Bristol for SoulFreedom Live, and performing a few numbers, including The Rebirth’s ‘Fat Santa.’ Stop on by!

CLICK HERE for the event details on Facebook.



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I am so excited about this single ‘Fat Santa’! It is a fun pre-curser to my first album with the Rebirth. We had so much fun creating it, and I think it will be a nice holiday party-pleaser for ages to come! We hope you enjoy it!

The Rebirth Live

'Fat Santa' : The Rebirth's New Holiday-inspired Single featured on Pandora!

As The Rebirth prepares a release date for their long awaited Album “Being Thru The Eyes of a Child”, they throw us a festive classic funk inspired holiday track “Fat Santa” to appease the appetite of their fans. They rewind their dynamically layered, vocal soul sound a few years and breaks down with some infectious funk, while lead vocalist Baskerville Jones calls up her Nashville church roots to tell the story of curious girl who is trying to bring some tough love to Santa over concerns he has let himself go. “Fat Santa” is featured on Pandora’s “Discover the Holidays” online station this year.

Visit this url to hear Fat Santa:

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This Saturday, The Rebirth is having an ALBUM WRAP PARTY at Mambo’s Cafe in Glendale, CA from 10-1am. The recording of the upcoming album has finally been completed! This is my first record with the band…in fact, my FIRST album EVER! It’s been a long time coming, and we wanted all our friends and family to come and celebrate with us.  We’ll actually be performing some of the songs from the upcoming album, and I hope that you can make it out to dance with us if you’re in the LA/Glendale area this weekend. Below is the flyer and details for this event.

If you are not in the area this weekend, please take a moment to get a sample of The Rebirth Music so you’ll taste what you’ll hear when the new album is released.

The Rebirth Music Links:

Event Details:

SATURDAY JULY 20th,  10-1am I 21+ Live performance at 11pm. Night includes special guests and DJ’s. No Cover! Early arrival is suggested. Limited Space.




BJ!!?? Hehe! I can't call you that!We all want to abbreviate everything; It saves energy & time . You don’t say you’re going to “McDonald’s ” you’re going to “Mickey D’s”. When you’re traveling, you don’t say you’re from the “United States of America,”  you’re from the “US.” When I tell people my name is Baskerville Jones, I know it can be a mouthful, so I wait for people to try to abbreviate my name — B Jones, Ms. Jones, B, BJ…are all names that I’ve gotten. The most obvious abbreviate is usually BJ — and people just giggle, “I can’t call you BJ!!!”  Ok..I KNOOOOWWW what BJ stands for. For a lot of people it means — wait I rated my page PG, so I won’t say.  But, get your mind out of the GUTTER! BJ stands for Baskerville Jones! Didn’t you know? One of my favorite restaurant’s is named BJ’s Brewery…that doesn’t seem to stop people from eating there, and people don’t hesitate to say they’re going to “BJ’s”.  Why not say to me “BJ,I’m coming to your show”?

I prefer you call me Baskerville Jones, but if you must abbreviate, and BJ is what you choose; I’m ok with it. I won’t assume that you are taking my name to the gutter.

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New Baskerville Jones Official Website!

For almost a year, I’ve been using my reverberation page to keep my friends, fans, and family updated on my musical whereabouts. But, thank God, this is going to be a pretty busy year and I’m communicating with so many more people and professionals in the industry. ‘Twas time for me to do a little something of my own. It’s REALLY basic, but there is a bio, music/video clips, a calendar and a HUGE photo of me on the front page. It’s a work in progress….but all the good stuff will be here! ALL The goodies!

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